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Environmental & FARMING Technical Services

Farm Business Services is uniquely positioned to provide practical advice to farm businesses. Richard Huston is actively involved in farming, running a arable enterprise and a beef finishing unit.

This hands-on approach, backed up by ongoing training, enable Farm Business Service’s consultants to provide effective practical solutions to its clients.

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environmental schemes

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Active environmental management has been suppported through previous Rural Development Schemes.  Our Consultants have been engaged in preparing appplications to obtain management and capital grants to support positive management regimes. Our Consultants will identify suitable management options which complement the existing farming activities and promote the desired habitats and wildlife for a specific area/region.

Waste management

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Management and utilisation of farm manures has become a major issue on many livestock farms.  Effective storage and making best use of slurries and manures can help reduce costs and ensure compliance with current legislation. We can help assess storage requirements and provide guidance on the most suitable storage strategies.   


Feed and Forage Analysis

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Homegrown forages can be your lowest cost feed available on farm.  Knowing the quality of this feed is essential to optimising performance.  We provide independent feed and forage analysis, backed up with nutritional advice on how to optimise performance from your forages.  



Nutritional advice

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Feed costs can be one of the largest running costs on a livestock farm. We provide independent nutritional advice to optimise livestock performance and improve returns.