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Is your business at a Crossroads? Not sure if you should invest, expand or restructure? Sometimes these decisions can be difficult to make by yourself.

An Integrated Land Management Plan (ILMP) is your pathway to a sustainable and profitable future. Setting out your vision for your farm or croft, it provides a clear, achievable, step by step action plan that will take you there.It is funded by the Scottish Government and provides an opportunity for a farm business to engage an accredited adviser to carry out a review of the existing business.

Farm Business Services consultants are accredited through the Farm Business Advisers Accreditation Scheme for Scotland (FBAASS), and are able to deliver the ILMP.

The ILMP is flexible and typically includes:

  • an assessment of strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats as they relate to your vision for your business

  • a basic habitats, biodiversity and conservation review

  • financial performance analysis

  • a cross compliance assessment to highlight where there may be risk areas for the business

As part of the ILMP, you can also choose to benefit from up to two further specialist advice plans during the period 2016-2020. Specialist plans in:

  • climate change adaptation and mitigation

  • soil and nutrient management

  • biodiversity, habitat and landscape management

  • woodland management and conservation

  • water pollution, prevention and control

  • organics

  • archaeological and historic site advice

  • animal welfare

For further information follow the link to the farm advisory service,